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new to recursion, getting StackOverflow. Help!

I am writing a divide and conquer recursive function to find minimum element in array. But I am getting java.lang.StackOverflowError . Here is my code. Thanks in advance.

import java.util.Scanner;

public class dynamic {

    public static void main(String arg[])
    {   int i=0;
        Scanner s=new Scanner(;
        int num[]=new int[8];

        int b=findmin(num);

    public static int findmin(int num[])
        if(num.length==0)return 0;

        return findmin(num,0,num.length-1);

    public static int findmin(int num[],int first,int last)
        if(first==last )return num[first];
        if(first+1==last)return Math.min(num[first],num[last]);

        if(findmin(num,(last/2)+1,last)>findmin(num,first,last/2)) return findmin(num,first,last/2);
        else return findmin(num,(last/2)+1,last);



asked 18 Jun '14, 18:15

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3★betlista ♦♦

first of all there is no use calculating the minimum by divide and conquer,the algorithm is still O(N).

secondly while dividing [first,last] the division is [first,(first+last)/2] & [(first+last)/2+1,last].

third point is that you are calling the function for same arguements twice, when you are comparing & when you return.

if(findmin(num,(last/2)+1,last)>findmin(num,first,last/2)) return findmin(num,first,last/2); else return findmin(num,(last/2)+1,last);

take care of the second point and your code will run ,atleast for small inputs


answered 18 Jun '14, 19:15

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edited 18 Jun '14, 19:16


I am using divide and conquer here just for learning purpose, and thanks for ur help. I will check if this works.

(19 Jun '14, 16:46) filmwalams5★

yeah this worked!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS

(19 Jun '14, 16:56) filmwalams5★

I updated your code a little - added logging, please see the output...


answered 18 Jun '14, 19:20

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3★betlista ♦♦
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Thanks , but u have modified my function completely so I have to understand it. Please tell me what that printspaces doing ?

(19 Jun '14, 16:48) filmwalams5★

It's just logging recursive function calls printSpaces is doing indentation, to see how the the function was called. I'm using this approach when debugging some difficult problems - it's easy to do some mistake somewhere and when it is in 5-th level of recursion debugging is like waste of time...

If I have some time, I'll modify your working solution to show you the output...

(19 Jun '14, 17:34) betlista ♦♦3★
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