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Newbie here

i have basic understanding of a few c concepts: 1.operators and expressions 2.Decision statements 3.control statements 4.structures 5.unions 6.functions 7.File concepts 8. Pre processor directives

is this enough to begin coding in codechef? if not what are the other pre requisites thank you

asked 16 Dec '12, 02:22

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U have necessry but not sufficient knowledge.Problems on Codechef require thorough knowledge of Data structures and most importantly algorithms.,Can be a good starting platform for anyone who wants to start coding.

You may be able to crack 1 or 2 questions of Long contest which require no prerequisites and are a Cakewalk.But for most of other problems,you will have to be well practiced !


answered 16 Dec '12, 14:20

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Hi @roshanletitrip,

for someone like you I can recommend USACO training resources. It's something like tutorial and you will learn easier algorithms first and more difficult later, so it's great place to start.


answered 17 Dec '12, 16:19

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