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Help in Dynamic Inversion of June Lunchtime

The following solution is accepted as correct solution in the practice link of the question , But when i submitted the same Code during the contest with int inv=0; statement declared outside the while loop it was not accepted , Why??

asked 29 Jun '14, 16:35

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edited 29 Jun '14, 17:23

When you are putting the statement inv=0 , outside the loop , it is not initialised everytime , so it will keep on adding everytime and give wrong answer . For example if for 1st query answer is 1 for second answer is also 1 , if you donot initialise it to zero for the second time , it will give 2 as answer which is wrong . Hope it helps .


answered 29 Jun '14, 17:00

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edited 29 Jun '14, 17:01

@the65bit is right.. but one more thing inv will be long long not int.. i got WA in 2 cases because of that..


answered 29 Jun '14, 17:30

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