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PALIN getting Run-Time error(NZEC)

I am submitting the solution for this problem in java and my code was running fine in the Eclipse IDE but why am I getting run time error here?Can please somebody explain? My soln:

asked 03 Jul '14, 20:42

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what is the error code?

(03 Jul '14, 22:18) amitt0012★

I code in C++. So, I can't tell you whats wrong with your code but I can tell you about NZEC error (Common in C++/Java)

So for Java : NZEC will usually mean that your program either crashed or raised an uncaught exception.

(03 Jul '14, 23:41) amitt0012★

I guess its mostly because you are allocating an int array of size 10^6 during runtime. Try global allocation or using char array instead.

Also your code gives wrong ans for input: 999


answered 03 Jul '14, 23:23

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