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[closed] Doubt in DISHOWN JULY14

Can Anyone answer me one question?? My this doubt is not mentioned in question

Suppose both the chefs have so many dishes who are competing each other 1. firstly they will choose the dish having highest score to play optimally. 2. Secondly i want to ask that if these dishes have equal scores then will they play similarly with remaining dishes or the game will end here??

I applied algorithm for the case by assuming that the game will end simply in first comparison.But Game may proceed further by giving chance them to select from remaining ones to compete.So PLZ HELP ME I am continuously getting wrong answer even though i applied efficient algorithm.

asked 12 Jul '14, 01:59

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closed 12 Jul '14, 11:49

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Seeing 3 questions containing words "doubt" and "dishown" on the Codechef front page, my doubts lie somewhere else entirely...

(12 Jul '14, 03:13) xellos07★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Ongoing Contest" by sobhagya 12 Jul '14, 11:49

The round ends after a single comparison.


answered 12 Jul '14, 03:09

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