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Determining whether algorithm runs in given time limit

hey guys i am new to competitive coding. Please help me regarding time limit issues. I am talking with respect to This problem have time limit 3 second. Q1) Single source shortest path solution have 0( n^2 ) time complexity. How one will detrmine considering (maximum input size)*(#test cases) whether algo will run within time limit.

Q2) I have submitted solution it got executed in 0.88. Can we approximately determine this value or at least maximum value in question 1

Or what is number of operations per second in codechef judging environment.

asked 13 Jul '14, 13:00

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Approximately 10^8 number of operation per second are run in the coding environment .

You can get an idea if it will run in the time limit this way .

  1. Get an idea of the complexity of the problem .
  2. Get an idea of the total operation it will require .

For example , as complexity is O(n^2) therefore for n=2500 , in the worst case .

Therefore operations = 25002500 = 6.25 10^6 .

Also since there are 10 test cases , therefore operations = 6.25*10^7 .

Since it is less than 10^8 , it will run in the time limit .


answered 13 Jul '14, 13:05

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