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chronological order of learning

Its been over a year that I learn't C++. When I found time I would solve problems on project euler. With only the knowledge of print, loop and primitive data types I managed to solve around 20 problems. I am now preparing for IOI and wanted to know in what order should I conquer.

I only know looping, console input/output and primitive data types. I need to go a long way from basic pointers to graphs and what not. However in these first few days of my preparation I am tumbling over so many things back and forth. Can somebody provide a list of all these things in correct order.Starting from points all the way to the basic knowledge required for IOI.

asked 19 Jul '14, 06:22

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For gaining programming skills , I am giving you few links..


These links will give you approx 100 algorithms list and techniques but there are many more to follow.. Seeing the list, don't loose your heart because programming skills come from practice and hard work (unless you are a natural talent!!)...

Happy Coding..

P.S.: I'm not a good coder. :P


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