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Why my rating for july long contest reduced?

Why my rating for july long contest is reduced even though I didn't submit any solution successfully??

asked 21 Jul '14, 16:23

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edited 01 Aug '14, 14:15

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A player will be rated (awarded rating points) in a contest if he/she has made at least one submission(need not be successful)in the contest. To know more :


answered 21 Jul '14, 16:28

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you tried to attempt questions that's why ur score count while updating ranking.... and since your score is 0 so your rating reduce..


answered 21 Jul '14, 16:28

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But I seriously believe that the rating system on code chef is kinda flawed, it doesn't seem to be adaptive and also I guess doesn't take into account the frequency of participation of the contestant, its like either bumps you up or lowers you down significantly, there are lots of parameters that can be taken into consideration while providing a rating to the contestant isn't it?

(21 Jul '14, 19:56) ankitsablok892★

Frequency of participation? Why should your rating depend on how busy you are - how much time you can find for solving, rather than how much you actually solved?

(21 Jul '14, 20:26) xellos07★
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