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How should I get started with CodeChef

I have heard about CodeChef a lot and I am interested in participating in CodeChef's monthly contests. I don't know from where should I start with? Please give me your valuable suggestions.

asked 27 Apr '12, 16:47

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(24 May '18, 00:42) subbu9882★

Welcome to CodeChef! First you have to get a grip on any one programming language and data structures. You can start solving problems in our practice section. If you face any issues during that, you can refer our editorial section. As you become more confident, you can participate in our monthly contests. There are two monthly contests that CodeChef hosts. One is a 10 day long contest which begins on 1st of every month and there is also a 2.5 hours short contest which is held on second last Sunday of every month. You can find out more about our schedule here.


answered 27 Apr '12, 16:51

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answered 24 May '18, 00:46

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