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How can I come to know about the CodeChef contests in my timezone

I am interested to participate in your monthly contests. I have created an account and I would like to know the contest schedule. Since I live out of India, please tell me the time of your competitions according to my timezone.

asked 27 Apr '12, 16:59

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edited 27 Apr '12, 17:35

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We schedule our contest time according to IST(Indian Standard Time) which GMT +0530 hours. We also publish a link on our contest page which will tell you about your local time zone. You can visit here to check the upcoming contests.


answered 27 Apr '12, 17:07

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if you can use browser mozilla firefox

then do as follow :- go to google write coders calender for mozilla then click add then install then done


answered 31 May '15, 14:44

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thanks! for telling this will helpful for me


answered 31 May '15, 16:20

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