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[closed] Cheating in august challenge14

Just want to bring it to admin notice, cheating at .... during an ongoing contest. link: ....

asked 08 Aug '14, 14:53

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edited 11 Aug '14, 14:27

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I share this link because code chef does not permits discussion of any aspect of any of its questions on any platform during a live contest.Besides I have already solved the problem on 5 th August,which is much before the time when this question was posted(8 th August).

(08 Aug '14, 19:54) rishavz_sagar3★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by garakchy 08 Aug '14, 17:26


Brother, in that case, we may ask how did you get to know that? Seems like you too were searching for something same. Moreover, you shouldn't be concerned about what other are doing since one can gain nothing except fake rank by copying snippets. They're nothing but fooling themselves. Moreover, getting a bit of help, if not all, isn't at all a problem take it sportingly.


answered 08 Aug '14, 16:25

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