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Algorithm vs Android development

Frnd m a student of 3rd year, i want to ask about that whether i have to go in Android development (as i have learnt earlier) or Algorithm development... I have only 2 year left in engineering , can i be a good competitive programmer in 2 years if i give my 1oo% ??, I can solve only one problem question everytime, you can see my codechef id here, of till now problem solved ..

asked 24 Aug '14, 22:39

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I think it depends on which kind of subject you enjoy more. If you like developing Android apps more than doing algorithmic problems, then go choose Android.

I personally think, that solving algorithmic problems is much more fun (doesn't have to apply on you), that's why I know nothing about developing cellphone apps. I rather spend my time on solving algorithmic problems :-) One thing, that you should keep in mind is, Android can get outdated, Algorithms not. But surely, you will take experience for developing softwares on Android, so the app developing skills can be easily transfered to other cellphone OS.


answered 25 Aug '14, 04:04

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answered 22 Dec '14, 12:41

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