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What are the sites in India for the regional contest of ACM-ICPC. Earlier there were three sites :




But now there is one more site namely Gwalior, is this the same site as Kanpur or a forth site is added.

Thanks in advance!!

asked 03 Sep '14, 15:56

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This time the Gwalior site contest is jointly being organised by IIIT- Gwalior , IIT Kanpur as mentioned in the link above .

Best of Luck For the Prelims :)


answered 04 Sep '14, 13:58

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The Gwalior Site contest is jointly organized by ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior, India and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. So yes,the onsite round will be held in Gwalior. You can refer this link for more info .Gwalior site


answered 03 Sep '14, 22:55

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Thanks for the information, but does it mean that there won`t be any regional round at IIT Kanpur site i.e. there will still be 3 sites in india.

(04 Sep '14, 11:24) the65bit4★

No,the regional round will be at IIITM Gwalior this time.

(04 Sep '14, 17:38) asif_mak1★

But why its so early, many will be having majors at that time :/

(04 Sep '14, 19:31) the65bit4★

Well,you can opt for other 2 sites. I am from IIITM Gwalior,so i have opted for IIITM and Amritapuri :)

(04 Sep '14, 19:40) asif_mak1★

Good for you. It is mentioned that the contest will be on 23-24 November but on 23 is Sunday and on 24 in Monday, so when will the actual contest be.

(04 Sep '14, 20:09) the65bit4★
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