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Fast Input and Output in JAVA

as such I know about BufferedReader and System.out.println(), but still is there any other FASTER way for Reading and Writing in Java. In the Problem, Turbo Sort, every Java Code consist of a user defined class which is taking Input and different class for output as well. Can anyone please guide me, I am really frustrated. I have tried Merge Sort, Quick sort for the above problem, I think the main thing in the question is Fast Input and Fast Output. Any tutorial/link with explanation about the code will be highly appreciated.

asked 06 Sep '14, 23:17

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edited 06 Sep '14, 23:21

You can try count sort.


answered 07 Sep '14, 00:16

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sir I have tried count sort as well, even in this case, Time Limit is exceeded. That is why, I have changed my focus from sorting to Fast Input and Fast Output.

(07 Sep '14, 10:58) mani932★

Use PrintWriter class over System.out for writing output. PrintWriter is faster. I/O_Java


answered 08 Sep '14, 01:56

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