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Why am I getting TLE?

Can anyone tell me why I am getting TLE in ?

asked 19 Sep '14, 19:49

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  • In your code, 'b' represents 'A' as mentioned in the problem. A < 10^9.
  • And your solution has the loop while(k--){}. Hence your solution will take approximately A steps, or in easier way, the number of steps of your problem is of the order A. Hence your code is an O(A) solution. For algorithm analysis:
  • Now, we all know the computation power of a processor is also limited. Assume 1 sec ~ 10^8 operations per second . (for SPOJ old server it is 4*10^6). Keep this in mind while solving any problem.

  • So if A < 10^6 then your solution will pass, but here A<10^9, hence it is giving 'Time Limit Exceeded'. Try to come with a optimal solution :)

  • Hint: This problem has a O(k) solution and k, according to problem statement is < 100 :D

answered 19 Sep '14, 20:42

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