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TLE in Family of Recurrences

Here is the problem.

I have implemented matrix multiplication to solve the recurrence relation. the order of the solution should be O(m^3 * log(n) * T) which is approximately 32 * 10^6 * 20 = 64 * 10^7, which should be done in 1 sec.The time limit of the problem is 15 sec, still I am getting TLE.

Please Help, here is my solution

asked 20 Sep '14, 04:07

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Please Help!!!

(21 Sep '14, 02:06) the65bit4★

Try using 2 d arrays instead of vector < vector < long long > > as you have to clear them for each test case (which you are not doing and will result in wa) and resize() function also has complexity O(n) if i remember correctly. Also declare the arrays globally.


answered 21 Sep '14, 02:16

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edited 21 Sep '14, 02:18

Thanks for the help. Now I have implemented using arrays I am getting WA now. Here is the solution Please Help!!

(24 Sep '14, 21:53) the65bit4★
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