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Hi, I have tried a lot during the contest to submit CHEFHACK problem:

but it always give me time limit exceeding ...kindly help me ??

this is my solution:

asked 15 Jan '13, 15:19

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You should use usual array instead of map.
So that you can find the index of each prime in O(1) time instead of O(log P) time,
where P is the total number of primes less than 107.

Namely, just declare variable mymap as int mymap[MAX].

But wait. I've just noticed the following loop in your code

int ans=1;
for (int r = 2; r < a[i][j]; r++)

This slow down your program drastically.
You should use array data[] to check whether number is prime in O(1) time.
Note that after the Sieve loop data[i] = i only for prime numbers i.
Hence instead of this loop you could simply write

int ans = 1;
if(data[a[i][j]] == 0) {
    ans = 0;


answered 15 Jan '13, 16:01

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but still i am getting wrong answer ?? please point out my mistake ....??

(15 Jan '13, 17:52) vivek076722★
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