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Incorrect Cheating penalty


@admin Just want to bring it to the admin's notice. One of my friends has submitted the solution in the September CookOff 2014. Since he is an IDE user,he checked his solution on ideone.After he submitted the solution on the codechef judge,somebody copied his solution from Ideone as it is and submitted on judge. Rather giving that guy the penalty,my friend is penalized for cheating during the contest. Even though his submission time is less than that the other guy who did cheating and copied his solution

Is not this the incorrect way of judging the solution? Please remove the penalty from my friend and give the penalty to the other guy. Thanks in advance.

asked 28 Sep '14, 14:58

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edited 28 Sep '14, 15:04


send us the userid's along with the solution id of those whom you think have cheated but not been penalised. We will make sure that we fill that gap.

(28 Sep '14, 17:49) admin ♦♦0★

I am sure codechef penalised both the guys, i.e., your friend and the one who copied. This is because, the regulations for the contest clearly said that it is each contestant's responsibility to make sure that their code is not in public domain during the contest. If the other guy has not been punished, codechef will punish him.


answered 28 Sep '14, 15:07

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answered 28 Sep '14, 15:18

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it was YOUR FRIEND'S responsibility to make sure that his/her code didn't reach the public domain. he didnt take care of that. thus, he has been punished

(28 Sep '14, 15:54) pushkarmishra4★

Any idea about the time that the account remains deactivated?

(28 Sep '14, 18:09) shivani_ch4★

a month or so

(28 Sep '14, 18:35) pushkarmishra4★

It won't get activated automatically. It will remain deactivated until you mail an apology letter to the admin.

(30 Sep '14, 00:58) i_coder5★


(03 Oct '14, 02:53) shivani_ch4★

No, both of them are responsible. Get used to keep your stuff.


answered 28 Sep '14, 15:33

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I'm sorry to say that it is not Codechef's but your friend's mistake. He was supposed to make his submission private. To quote their rules and regulations:-

Discussing CodeChef's problems or any aspect of problem, on any other platform on web, on identification, could lead to disabling of respective account and banning from the community.

However, if you are using any other online development environment, make sure that other contestants don't have access to your code. As a contestant, you are responsible for making sure others don't access the code that you submit. If you use Ideone, make sure to mark your submission "private" (not secret)".

Codechef has done its job and written out the rules and regulations for every contest. It was your friend's duty to follow them. If your friend has failed to follow them due to any reason (even ignorance), he deserves to be penalized, so that he may not repeat such an error in the future.

If your friend is indeed the genuine person who has written the code and has been penalized, while the cheater hasn't, you can email them at and request for the cheater's penalization.

Both deserve to be penalized.


answered 05 Mar '17, 07:42

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edited 05 Mar '17, 07:45

My thoughts as well. CAnt blame codechef on this issue! But that guys issue is sorted, the guy in problem is @annem55 (whose answer is currently above yours).

(05 Mar '17, 10:19) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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