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[closed] Wrong Answer in Chef and Ground

Hi! I am a newbie on Code-chef but I have already played some online contests! I am getting Wrong Answer in Chef and Ground problem! I have tried many test cases! I have used my own test cases too! My code is in C language and running fine on my machine as well as many online copilers like ideone! Now I am too confused! what to do? Help me! I can give you the link of my code but I am scared that I will definitely brake rules!

asked 04 Oct '14, 10:43

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closed 04 Oct '14, 10:56

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yup u will be definitely breaking the please wait till the end of the contest or try to figure it out yourself!!!

(04 Oct '14, 10:55) kunal3614★

Okay I got the problem! Thanks for replying! :)

(04 Oct '14, 12:39) geeksoul1★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Question regarding an ongoing contest problem!!!" by kunal361 04 Oct '14, 10:56

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