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[closed] Where to begin for learning coding?

I am a newbie as well as in coding. I Know some parts of core java as learned in my school. But i want to enhance my skills in coding and be a pro. I would also like to get some info about those data Structures etc.. and different kind of algorithms. I came to know about Datastructures for the first time from Codechef.But no relevent info could be found. So can anyone plz help Me?..

asked 05 Oct '14, 21:01

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closed 12 Oct '14, 11:35

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Welcome!! You have arrived at the right place. Cheers

(05 Oct '14, 21:04) bug23123★

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by tech_boy 12 Oct '14, 11:35

Hi @jstnthms! Start from the easy problem section here, try solving the most solved problems first. If you aren't able to solve any problem, post the problem you're facing here or first try taking help from google. Also, you can refer to other people's answers. And for starting with data structures, following link is excellent.


answered 05 Oct '14, 21:43

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@xiaoyu_02 Thanks for your effort..

(05 Oct '14, 21:45) jstnthms0★

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