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Java : String cannot be resolved to a type. What's wrong in my code block ?

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Database{

string name;
int age;
long tel;


public class Program {
public static void main(String[] args) {

   Scanner input = new Scanner( ;
   Database obj = new Database();

   System.out.print("Enter Your Name : "); input.nextLine();

   System.out.print("Enter Your Age : ");
   obj.age = input.nextInt();

   System.out.println("Enter Your 6 - Digit Telephone Number"); = input.nextLong();



asked 11 Oct '14, 19:13

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Java is a case-sensitive language, that is, uppercase and lowercase letters are treated differently. Here "string" is not resolved because there is no class or data type named "string". The first letter is small. "String" is correct (notice the first letter 'S' is in upper case here). Also, you have defined two public classes in a single chunk of code. This is an error. Make the class named "Database" non-public, and save the file as", and everything will work fine.


answered 13 Oct '14, 00:07

aakashc31's gravatar image

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