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which language I should master at for contest programming?

I know C and C++.Is this enough for contest programming? Which language I should MASTER at especially for IOI? As there are a lot of new and different language like python,java etc...

asked 13 Oct '14, 21:36

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See basically you need to know the algorithm. Algorithm are the thing that matter. Yes language too matter but as long as you know algorithm language does not matter so much.

As for best option, C++ has a very powerful STL which makes it a powerful language and python and java have bignum library hence overall C++ offers much more good libraries on the view of competion. But again I would say that learn algorithms language don't matter Best of luck.


answered 13 Oct '14, 22:16

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This should help


answered 14 Oct '14, 11:37

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Which thing of that??

(26 Oct '14, 13:02) moudud994★

after asking a lot people I found my answer.Iam sharing it cause it may help others. most of guys say C++ is good and enough but I need to be mastered at more language. They prefer me JAVA and PYTHON .They show some matter for those language. like C++ have a huge and very helpful template library(STL) and java for unbounded number limit(BigIng) and python for easy to code and time saver(but python code have a bad runtime... )

So I will learn JAVA beside C++ for competitive programming.... :)

hope it helps...


answered 26 Oct '14, 13:00

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for IOI you should only learn C++. Bignums aren't used in IOI problems

(26 Oct '14, 13:03) neo1tech9_76★

thanks for your information. It helps me a lot. So I dont need to learn JAVA so soon :)

(26 Oct '14, 13:07) moudud994★
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