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Good and readable java codes?


I have been solving all the problems till now in C now I want to shift to JAVA. I know about the fast I/O methods in C but I want to learn those about those methods in JAVA.

I would like to read good JAVA codes for these methods. where to find those? whose codes should I refer?

Thank you

asked 24 Oct '14, 10:50

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You could try reading the Java submissions of people who took the minimum time in solving a particular problem. Filter the submissions for a problem by Java and AC and sort by time.

(24 Oct '14, 10:54) nisargshah953★

I want to read good codes..because I want to learn those methods..I have seen some codes but those were not very easy to understand!

(24 Oct '14, 10:57) mtbar1312★

You can refer to below link.

(29 Oct '14, 19:05) sartajg0★

Good set of Java solutions here.

(08 Nov '14, 11:06) maheshd130★

EgorK and uwi have elegant and clean codes. uwi EgorK


answered 06 Nov '14, 13:32

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