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Possible error in grading/ranking system

I have noticed some errors regarding rating calculation after OCT14:

In that contest I have successfully solved SEATSR problem, as you can see on the problem page. On the other hand, the rankings page shows that I failed to solve that problem. I suppose my rating was calculated without SEATSR and that is the reason why I got fewer points than expected. Please look into this and fix it as soon as possible.

Regards, randomusername

asked 06 Nov '14, 01:47

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edited 11 Dec '14, 19:10

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This has happened to some of the users (me included). This may be because of the Cheating Case Saga. Read about it here. If you think your points was reduced wrongly you can contact Codechef with proof that you did not use unfair means. Hope this helps. :)


answered 07 Nov '14, 23:30

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I didn't get any emails saying that I am blocked. I guess my case is just a regular error in codechef rating system and is not related to the cheating case saga. But since the staff has too much problems and bugs, I will stop insisting. Maybe they fix it one day, maybe not. Maybe it isn't even an error, and I just don't get the rating system. Whatever.

(08 Nov '14, 02:58) randomusername5★

Now my rankings page shows correct value but my rating remains the same. Some users were lower than me in the rankings table, did OCT14 worse than me, but now have more rating points. How is that possible?


answered 07 Nov '14, 23:08

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