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OCT14 rating sudden change

Dear @admin

I solved 4 questions during OCT14 long challenge. I got plagiarism result,my account got blocked. After replying the email you guys unblocked my account by accepting 2 problems. And suddenly you guys decided to consider 1 problem and dropped the rating almost 527 points. Didn't even get any email or not even a reply(previous email). Please look into this matter and give proper reasons why these problems you guys didn't count for calculation.

asked 10 Nov '14, 20:46

tictactoecoder's gravatar image

accept rate: 7%

Same thing happened to me.I had solved 7 questions in OCT14 long with no plagiarism case.Now they've removed OCT14 altogether from my solved list.Can anyone tell what's happening?


answered 10 Nov '14, 22:21

ashishn42's gravatar image

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Same thing happened with me also.Someone please reply.


answered 11 Nov '14, 01:36

rajatgoyal's gravatar image

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Hey all, to find out why your ratings have been dropped, when your account has been activated, kindly read the blog post here. This explains our new procedure of handling the plagiarism cases. If you still need any help, feel free to get in touch with us at:


answered 11 Nov '14, 09:09

admin's gravatar image

0★admin ♦♦
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What are the timings to contact at the given phone number?

(11 Nov '14, 10:05) rajatgoyal4★

You can all us between 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays.

(12 Nov '14, 17:13) admin ♦♦0★


I had not even received any plagiarism mail then also my ratings have been dropped.... and my solution got accepted during the contest then how is this possible???


answered 12 Nov '14, 01:50

ashwanimk's gravatar image

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edited 12 Nov '14, 01:50

Hi ashwanimk, send an email to the above mentioned email and we will look into your issue.

(12 Nov '14, 17:13) admin ♦♦0★

@admin I have already sent an email today @ 13:21PM .

(12 Nov '14, 17:31) ashwanimk3★
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