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[closed] WA in spoj GSS1

Getting WA repeatedly . Can anyone help??

asked 15 Nov '14, 13:29

abeyaar's gravatar image

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closed 22 Dec '14, 10:09

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by abeyaar 22 Dec '14, 10:09

Consider this testcase:

3 -5 4 7 0 
1 5

Your output is 14 (3+4+7). The correct answer is 11 (4+7). The problem requires you to print the maximum sum of a subrange in a given range. If the given range is 1 5 and you choose a subrange 1 4 your sum will be 9 (not 14 as your output, you can't ignore negative numbers). The maximum sum occurs in the subrange 3 4 with as sum of 11.


answered 16 Nov '14, 12:08

michelangelo's gravatar image

accept rate: 39%

Yeah I got my mistake..however the correct java program is giving TLE even with fast I/O and there are only 7-8 successfull java submissions for this problem. So I am now trying in C

(16 Nov '14, 18:28) abeyaar1★

@abeyaar ...Can you please tell me the change which helped you out.I am getting WA on 9th Judge, used the concept just like you ..My code is

(08 Dec '15, 23:20) nickzuck_0073★

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