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[closed] Resolved.

Resolved. Thank you for your answers.

asked 18 Nov '14, 21:38

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edited 19 Nov '14, 13:51


I like the way you betrayed your friend poke19962008... And it seems, he was punished in OCT14 and learned just one thing - to create fake account :-/

(18 Nov '14, 22:14) betlista ♦♦3★

guys instead of posting here and there you can contact codechef team they will really help you out, i had some problem regarding my submission they talked really nice and helped me out.....


answered 19 Nov '14, 02:22

ritesh_malav's gravatar image

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Hi All, if you think you have been wrongly penalized due to the false positive that MOSS has thrown, you can always get in touch with us and we will help you get your account restored. However, before you do that kindly go through our CodeChef Code Of Conduct and our blog post on the cheating saga below and make sure that knowingly or unknowingly, you have not violated any of those points.

You can give us a convenient time and contact number or can get in touch with us at the following numbers.

Office: (022) - 30797709 (Weekdays 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm)


answered 19 Nov '14, 06:38

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0★admin ♦♦
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One you blatantly stated that you asked for help. Two you stated that he did help you. Three you stated that one of you holds 2 accounts. AND THEN YOU STATE THAT YOU WANT YOUR RATING BACK. What irony!!! Whether you are a school student or a professional at Google, nothing gives you the right to ask and accept help during an ongoing contest. You should be happy that you haven't been banned for a month or so.


answered 18 Nov '14, 21:49

pushkarmishra's gravatar image

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I did not copy someone's code. I think asking to find a minor bug is not plagiarism. It means 'the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own'.

(18 Nov '14, 21:58) ketanhwr6★

^oh really? do we care for your definition of plagiarism? Read the second point of the rules as many times as you want:

(18 Nov '14, 22:34) pushkarmishra4★

The codechef code of conduct says, "Asking for help is not bad. Taking others' code and claiming it to be your own is wrong."

(19 Nov '14, 09:35) ketanhwr6★

I solved 9 questions(7 full, 2 partial) and to the best of my knowledge, din't copy anyone's code.. My rating has dropped way too much.


answered 18 Nov '14, 21:55

pranjalranjan's gravatar image

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Well my codechef account is showing no problems solved in nov14. While ranking still shows 419.3 points. And I coded each code by myself. All I want to know is it a technical glitch because I did nothing wrong on my side.


answered 18 Nov '14, 21:53

garry27's gravatar image

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I also had 563.3 points in NOV long and all problems are coded by me itself and now my codechef account is showing no problems and rating has been dropped. whats wrong with codechef??


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:00

abhishek_iiita's gravatar image

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Good news, rating is update with plagiarism checking in place, unexpected speed of delivery ;-)

Tell me, when some-one is suspect of cheating, you really not informed about that and that your rating was modified?

You all with such problems, try to understand us. We wanted this check for a long time. There is a huge need of unfair behavior detection.

There is an announcement on Facebook:

So there are again a few false positives that MOSS has thrown. We will be sending out an email to those people whose ratings have dropped with the solutions which he have found to be the same. In case you think your solutions are difference you can respond back to that email or call us and talk to us.


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:13

betlista's gravatar image

3★betlista ♦♦
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edited 19 Nov '14, 03:51


The 'suspect' is innocent till found 'guilty'. I know I did all code by myself. Codechef plagiarism detector doesn't has the right to disqualify me without even telling me about what I did wrong. And what did they matched for in all those codes was it the #include<iostream>

(18 Nov '14, 22:28) garry272★

Are you using for example for testing?

(18 Nov '14, 22:36) betlista ♦♦3★

No. But I know one should keep the code secret or private while using ideone.

(18 Nov '14, 22:45) garry272★

Hi @betlista ! I haven't received any mail and my ratings have dropped badly, my rank from 5k to 23k. What should I do?

(19 Nov '14, 01:56) xiaoyu_022★

@xiaoyu_02: Contact CodeChef team at ;-)

(19 Nov '14, 03:53) betlista ♦♦3★

I scored 560.3 point in NOV14 My rating is also decreased... I dont know why plz atleast tell me the reason so that I can verify you the reason is valid or not.. plz @admin i want my rating back.. i really work hard.. this is unfair.. :(


answered 18 Nov '14, 21:55

pallavdgr8's gravatar image

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edited 18 Nov '14, 22:31

I don't know why but I solved 2 problems in the october challenge and now 4 problems (1 partial) in November challenge. But my rating has gone from positive to negative. Can anyone explain why?


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:19

basant_1994's gravatar image

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I also had 419.4 points in NOV long and all problems are coded by me itself and now my codechef account is showing no problems and rating has been dropped. whats wrong with codechef?? @admin please look into the issue or please provide an explanation for the issue.


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:21

insaynasasin's gravatar image

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edited 18 Nov '14, 22:24

I have already sent a mail to but I have not received any response yet. I hope that team codechef replies back as soon as possible or atleast send me the mail they claim they will send to those whose rating have been decreased because I have not even received that. @admin please look into the issue and respond to our queries asap.

(19 Nov '14, 10:28) insaynasasin1★

Come on just because you think some one is suspect of cheating you decrease their ratings so much... I coded every problem myself not a single help from anyone and was managed to solve 5 fully and 3 partially and all I get is a fall of 3000 pts. This is highly unfair...


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:53

unrealsoul007's gravatar image

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I also have a problem in decrease in rating as i did all the questions myself and just subitted my friends code in question RBTREE to chek the time limit but its unfair to decrease my rating as @admin can see that i had solved the question by my self before that submission so there is no point in decreasing my rating as i havn't used any unfair means to solve that question as the points were achieved by me first only


answered 18 Nov '14, 21:48

ipg_2013020's gravatar image

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edited 18 Nov '14, 21:52

You shouldn't have been penalized for that because you did solve that problem first

(18 Nov '14, 22:42) asif_mak1★

the rating should be updated as it isn't the problem with me, its the problem with many of us that should be considered by the admin


answered 18 Nov '14, 22:31

ipg_2013020's gravatar image

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I scored 650 pts in NOV14 and didn't copy any code from anywhere, not even asked someone for any kind of help. But it doesn't show any NOV14 submission in my account. But it still shows world rank 196 in new ranking table. This is not fair @admin. Please do something about it.


answered 18 Nov '14, 23:14

slow's gravatar image

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I solved 2 questions(2 full) and din't copy anyone's code.. My rating has dropped way too much


answered 18 Nov '14, 23:19

simplycode's gravatar image

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I also had 450.3 points in NOV long and all problems are coded by me itself and now my codechef account is showing no problems and rating has been dropped.

In Oct long challenge i shared my code for one problem with my friend and got punished, codechef didn't consider my any question. My all hard work got wasted. I didn't complain about this.

But now this is not cool. This is highly demotivating.

I had a rank of 2000(globally) and now my rank in 31000.

I have also mailed this scenario at

@admin please look into the issue or please provide an explanation for the issue.


answered 19 Nov '14, 12:24

swatveer's gravatar image

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edited 19 Nov '14, 12:24

I am only surprised that last month it took a whole month to update ratings, but this time just one day!!! nice. :)


answered 19 Nov '14, 00:46

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