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learning Data structures and graphs

I am very weak in data structures and do not have any knowledge about graphs or related topics and which is the major problem due to which i am unable to solve many problems.
Can anyone please provide any good reference to learn all these topics and please suggest from which topic should i start from.
Thank You!!

asked 24 Nov '14, 00:08

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edited 24 Nov '14, 00:08

for basic knowledge u can refer to A.M.Tenenbaum(Data structures using c and c++) and then proceed to CLRS(introduction to algorithms).


answered 24 Nov '14, 01:08

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btw is clrs tough to learn?
I just borrowed clrs from my friend but yet not opened it...

(24 Nov '14, 22:05) rishabhprsd72★

I will suggest you this geeksforgeeks

and yes CLRS is bit difficult for beginners as it is more mathematical and enriched with proofs and runtime analysis


answered 09 Dec '14, 02:05

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