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Need Help from Good Coders

Hii friends , i want to become a best programmer , i started solving problems in codechef and i try my best but solve only 2 or 3 problems in long challenge , then i got suggestions from best coders that i have to first practice questions on spoj, but my problem is that i take too much time to understand a problem ... how can i tackle that issue and what would my preparation strategy to become best programmer in 2 years bz i m in pre final year i think i have lost so much time in only learning languages and application development and not focussing on algorithm development!! Plz guide me what i do!!

asked 28 Nov '14, 21:42

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Hello, let me describe my story, upto APRIL14 I am able to do only 2 questions in long contest, So what I have done is(From May14 to July 14) I have practised questions that require algorithmic knowledge(like Greedy,DP,Maths,...) So slowly I have got experience in solving problems(experience in the sense "ability to think").And now I am able to solve upto 6 problems in long contest(Of course I need to practise more to do better).So my advice is that Just practise practise practise.And I guess 2 years is more than enough to become good coder(of course you need to practise regularly, and participate in online programming contests).Now comming to practise : I suggest you to start solving easy problems, after you are comforatable with those, shift to problems which require algorithmic knowledge, and much deeper thinking.The below links may help you :



answered 28 Nov '14, 23:00

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Really nice efforts, can you please share the links you think are important for building algorithmic thinking..

(28 Nov '14, 23:28) rishabhprsd72★

Thanks @achaitanyasai for ur valuable suggestions!!


answered 29 Nov '14, 22:56

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answered 17 May '18, 23:30

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First of all up vote for your question. Secondly i would like to suggest you to read LET US C BY YASWANT KANETHKAR for learning C language.

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answered 28 Nov '14, 21:59

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Let us C is the last book I would suggest anyone to read.

(18 May '18, 00:57) sorb19974★
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