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How can I get sponsorship for hosting an online coding contest in my college?

I want to host an online coding contest. I'm looking for your association with the event as an Event Sponsor. What is the procedure for the same?

asked 02 May '12, 17:46

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We are an Educational Initiative and a Non-Profit Organization that runs on a tight budget and hence we cannot provide any monetary sponsorship. Sponsorship in kind can be provided by hosting the contest on our platform for free. The entire monitoring of the infrastructure and online support during the contest will be provided by our team. If the contest is hosted on our platform, we can also provide some goodies that can be given out as prizes to winners of the contest.


answered 02 May '12, 17:47

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There is more than one, but the mejor hosting españa is able to be hired at a good price. If you want to host anything there it is ok for me.


answered 28 Jan '16, 20:14

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I think HackerEarth had something school something. They sent some e-mails.


answered 29 Jan '16, 02:25

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