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DFS, BFS using Vectors


I want to implement DFS, BFS using vector of vectors. Can someone help me with that? I have never code using vector, so it is a bit tough for me i guess.

asked 05 Dec '14, 14:06

shivmohan's gravatar image

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Do not guess, if you never used vector before, do some tests, read some examples...


answered 05 Dec '14, 14:54

betlista's gravatar image

3★betlista ♦♦
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i have read it already. i am not able to write code for Dfs and bfs using it.

(05 Dec '14, 14:59) shivmohan4★

If you can do it with arrays you can do it with vectors. If you can't do it with arrays you need to learn dfs/bfs and solve some questions.

(05 Dec '14, 15:31) Organic-Shilling0★

ya.. i think you are right. but thanks anyways...

(05 Dec '14, 16:49) shivmohan4★

Try to solve this problem - using BFS...

We can help you if you got stucked ;-)

Try to solve this problem - (DFS) also ;-)

(05 Dec '14, 17:01) betlista ♦♦3★

void bfs(int s,vector<int> adj[],bool vis[]) can someone help me ? how can i find the size of adj[] ?


answered 17 Aug '17, 11:42

shashank0j's gravatar image

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Well you have probably made a 2D vector and size of adj[i] (i.e no. of columns of a particular row) can be found simply using "adj[i].size()" whereas the size of adj[] (i.e. no. of rows of 2D vector) has to be passed in the function!

(17 Aug '17, 14:55) dishant_185★

Refer Geeks for Geeks for graph+stl solutions. Here is the link for dfs using vectors


answered 17 Aug '17, 20:57

sid_somani's gravatar image

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Refer to this link. Probably the best if you are a beginner in graphs c++.
Graph Theory Part - 1


answered 23 Oct '18, 22:48

ranjan_1997's gravatar image

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Dude, see the date.

(24 Oct '18, 02:34) ay23063★
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