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How to resolve time limit exceed error from my program

include <iostream>
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;

int main()
int n;
int s[n];
for(int k=0;k<n;k++)
for(int m=0;m<n;m++
return 0;

I can't understand why it is giving time limit exceed and which sorting algorithm does sort(s,s+n) uses and what's is complexity ?? plz also suggest me some other algo to reduce complexity of my program!!

asked 06 Dec '14, 10:01

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edited 06 Dec '14, 14:37

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3★betlista ♦♦

Post a link to your code instead of pasting the entire code here.

(06 Dec '14, 11:26) gautam943★

Okk dude!!

(06 Dec '14, 13:08) chaman_amit1★

It's getting TLE due to slower I/O. Using scanf and printf this solution will get AC. Accepted code
This problem can also be solved using counting sort in O(n) time. C++ implementation

scanf printf faster than cin cout
STL Sort algorithm


answered 06 Dec '14, 11:25

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edited 06 Dec '14, 11:29

Thanks finally get my code accepted!!

(06 Dec '14, 13:13) chaman_amit1★

Why i getting code accepted in this case and not in that case due to time limit exceeded although these are same Plz help me!!

(06 Dec '14, 13:49) chaman_amit1★

@chaman_amit If you got the answer for your question,then you should mark it as the correct answer,so that it won't appear in unanswered questions. :)

(06 Dec '14, 14:03) ansh1star0333★

I won't find any option to mark as correct answer , plz tell me so i ll do that!!

(06 Dec '14, 15:44) chaman_amit1★

Can anyone please explain me why it is giving TIME LIMIT EXCEEDED ?


answered 18 Feb '18, 21:58

samlmxh21's gravatar image

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