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Need some suggestion I m a regular coder on codechef for 1 year and still i ll solve only 1 or 2 problem... this time also in December Challenge still i solve only 1 ... whenever a questions from set comes my mind got confused... so its my humble to u some best coders to plz guide me some practice problem related to this subset like practice problem so that i do better... Is this an algorithm related problem and if yes then suggest me some practice problem related to that so that i can learn and do better...

asked 06 Dec '14, 15:49

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Your drive to learn is really inspiring. I am a beginner myself but I can suggest that you try as many problems as you can and after the contest ends, read the editorials for all the problems and then go to the practice links and try to solve all of them. If the editorial refers to some data structure or algorithm unknown to you, google it, thoroughly study it, and then come back and solve the problem. Do the same for past contests. As for the problem you mentioned, I cannot help till the contest is over.

Hope to see you rising through the ranks.


answered 06 Dec '14, 16:34

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Thanks eisenhover :) I try my best to get my rank up!!


answered 06 Dec '14, 18:22

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