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Java Swing

Do people use swing these days?I am learning java so i need to know shud i learn or not..thanks

asked 14 Dec '14, 23:01

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No very less amount of people are using swing these days .


there are a lot of problems with swing have a look :-

java swing


answered 15 Dec '14, 13:27

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Thanks for the first link, it's interesting. There are several reasons why not Swing (or thick client in general), web application are more popular these days, also there are new approaches like JavaFX or SWT. According to the "proof" WPF (which is not Java related as far as I know) is also not used much, which I think is not the truth...

(15 Dec '14, 14:45) betlista ♦♦3★

In my opinion, you should learn swing but not in depth. Swing is good to check out how the things actually work.


answered 15 Dec '14, 14:43

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