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Stuck midway in Sanskar

I have managed to generate all the possible subsets of the required sum. Here is an idea of where I am : Now,since I can't chose (1,2,3,5) and (1,2,8) together I need K disjoint subsets which I have been thinking on how to get.I initially thought of storing all the pairs in a double dimensional array and then bruteforcing random K subsets if it works out.But I thought I won't be able to pass within the given time limit so I didn't apply this logic. This situation is similar to the problem Exact Cover which is NP Complete I guess. Also,keep DP as far away as possible from the solution because don't know it much. Thanks!

asked 15 Dec '14, 20:03

h1ashdr%40gon's gravatar image

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Here is my code so far :

(16 Dec '14, 02:43) h1ashdr@gon2★

have a look at the editorials and also look at the comments there .

sanskar editorials


answered 15 Dec '14, 20:09

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People seem to have attempted the problem in a different manner than I have attempted. I want to know if there is a path which leads to the correct output from where I have left off my solution.

(15 Dec '14, 20:12) h1ashdr@gon2★

The link above is broken. However, I think you are doing something this way.


answered 15 Dec '14, 23:53

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Here is the code till the point I've reached :

(16 Dec '14, 02:43) h1ashdr@gon2★

This gives me all subsets of the required sum but since we can't take both (1,2,3) and (1,5) I need to code it after this step to take into consideration only disjoint k subsets.

(16 Dec '14, 02:45) h1ashdr@gon2★
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