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asked 23 Dec '14, 13:03

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closed 23 Dec '14, 15:35

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by abeyaar 23 Dec '14, 15:35

In line 58-
parent.freq1=left_child.freq1+right_child.freq1*(FREQUENT.a[mid]==FREQUENT.a[parent.start]?1:0); parent.freq2=right_child.freq2+left_child.freq2*(FREQUENT.a[mid+1]==FREQUENT.a[parent.end]?1:0);
Dont u think it should be mid+1 in the first line and mid in the second? Like-
parent.freq1=left_child.freq1+right_child.freq1*(FREQUENT.a[mid+1]==FREQUENT.a[parent.start]?1:0); parent.freq2=right_child.freq2+left_child.freq2*(FREQUENT.a[mid]==FREQUENT.a[parent.end]?1:0); You add the right parts frequency only when the first value in right subtree is same as the first value in the parent. Likewise for the other part. Your given code fails here: The correct answer is 5 Do upvote if this helps :) Happy Coding! :)

answered 23 Dec '14, 14:38

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edited 23 Dec '14, 14:43

Thanks got AC. :) . Can you look into this??

(23 Dec '14, 15:35) abeyaar1★
Umm u mind accepting my answer? :D
I would really appreciate that!
(23 Dec '14, 20:52) shivam15115★

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