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Does rating depend on which problem is solved or just total score?

What happens to the change in rating if

  1. someone solves 3 tough problems and some other solves 3 simple problems (in same contest).
  2. One solves 2 tough and other solves 3 simple problems.

The tougher problem here I mean problem with less no. of successful submission.

asked 03 Jan '15, 15:28

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The ratings just depend on total score.

More precisely ratings depend on the rankings in the contest, and the rankings just depend on the total score, there is no weight age to the problem based on difficulty of the problem.

So both the person solving 3 problems in long contest will get same rank(according to current rank tables). but a person solving 3 problems will get better rank than a person solving 2 difficult problems.

Hope it helps. Happy Coding !!!


answered 03 Jan '15, 15:31

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edited 03 Jan '15, 15:34

Well said ;-) For completeness in short contests also solving times matters - who solve problems quicker has better rank.

(03 Jan '15, 21:56) betlista ♦♦3★

Thanks :).

(03 Jan '15, 22:36) the65bit4★
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