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[closed] january long challenge doubt

problem :

Can anybody tell me in sequence of real numbers ,0.00000001 is valid which can further be rounded upto 1 Is there any boundation on decimals??

asked 04 Jan '15, 11:22

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closed 06 Jan '15, 14:53

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help plz??

(04 Jan '15, 11:49) n1n1_45★

Please read the problem statement carefully and don't assume anything yourself. There is no boundation on decimals.

(04 Jan '15, 12:26) baljitsingh3★

For any small fraction over an integer will be rounded to next integer.

(04 Jan '15, 18:45) vinayawsm4★

Hey n1n1_4, kindly avoid discussing the problems of an active contest on the forum. This is against our Code Of Conduct.

(06 Jan '15, 14:52) admin ♦♦0★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Question part of active contest." by admin 06 Jan '15, 14:53

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