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Codechef CHRL2

Codechef Lunchtime 08 Question CHRL2

Editorial suggests a DP solution in O(n^2)

I was thinking of a different solution. Obviously , I got a WA. But I can't figure out the mistake can anyone help ?

Suppose we store all the occurrences of C,H,E,F seperately.

Then we match each C to the first H which comes after it and then with first E that comes after H and first F that comes after E. And proceed accordingly.

for eg. in CHHHEEEFFCC vc -> 0, 9, 10 vh -> 1,2,3 ve -> 4,5,6 vf -> 7,8

now vc[0] = 0; we can match it with 1(i.e H), 4, and 7 Now vc[1] = 9 There is no i such that vh > 9 Therefore program ends.

Can anyone point out the mistake ?


asked 12 Jan '15, 23:40

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edited 13 Jan '15, 14:33

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