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What is this?? "♦♦"

darkshadows ♦♦ betlista ♦♦

why do these people have those "♦♦" at the end of their names??

did u ever have the same doubt?

asked 12 Jan '15, 23:54

king_of_hacker's gravatar image

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This means.. those users are superusers or admin you can say! :)

(18 Jun '15, 17:49) vicky002 ♦♦1★

I got some time ago admin privileges in forum, because I'm here so often... It doesn't work like karma, that one day you will have those. I reported bugs to CodeChef team, that they decided to grant me admin privileges in the forum. It is a big responsibility I have privileges like banning users, giving karma editing/deleting/undeleting everything, but I'm not using those too often.

One diamond is also stronger user but I do not know the difference exactly.

It's only for a forum, I cannot see test cases, prepared problems (thankfully, otherwise I cannot compete), also I'm not that kind of admin approving the comments on problem statement pages... Also when you click report button under the post, I'm not notified...


answered 13 Jan '15, 00:45

betlista's gravatar image

3★betlista ♦♦
accept rate: 11%

Thanks a lot for sharing

(17 Jun '15, 11:11) king_of_hacker3★

I guess.. (o_O) They are Diamond ♦♦ hearted people. :)


answered 13 Jan '15, 00:25

nadimayaz's gravatar image

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just out of curiosity @betlista what bugs did you reported


answered 23 Jun '15, 22:20

ghostcoder1996's gravatar image

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