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just started c++ (string)

i have just started learning c++(basically the strings).and today i came across a doubt(huge doubt)..Does a string terminates on whitespace.i have read that string terminates on occurence of '\0' is my program link.please tell me whats going on.why the output is not the whole string but a fragment of it. thanks in advance

asked 14 Jan '15, 17:41

sneha6966's gravatar image

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Use this :

Input : welcome to codechef

string s;


getline considers whitespace too.

Hope this helps :) Enjoy (Y)


answered 14 Jan '15, 17:49

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edited 14 Jan '15, 17:54

thanks a lot..but i dont understand why it gets terminated on occurence of there anything with the codechef's compiler or it will give the same result with anyother.

(14 Jan '15, 17:57) sneha69660★

does whitespace act as '\0'

(14 Jan '15, 17:57) sneha69660★

char * terminates by null automatically when it faces a whitespace or newline on its way.

(14 Jan '15, 18:02) nadimayaz3★

@Sneha : Yes :)

(14 Jan '15, 18:05) nadimayaz3★

so is it also applicable with string under string.h because the result is same only the fragmentlink text


answered 14 Jan '15, 18:08

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char[] and string act as same in some extent.

(14 Jan '15, 18:13) nadimayaz3★

string keyword defined in C++ only whereas char[] can be used in both C/C++.

(14 Jan '15, 18:14) nadimayaz3★

thank you so much for helping me :) but one last query..what if we have to input two strings in a particular test case link to the question i was attempting here we have to input two strings in particular test case and if we use getline then it will take both the string in one when to use getline and when to use cin. thanks in advance and sorry for asking too many questions


answered 14 Jan '15, 18:57

sneha6966's gravatar image

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Its okay.. :) As per the question you referred it says to take two string with space seperated So there is no point to confuse. simply take two string with cin. Example : string s1,s2; cin>>s1>>s2;

(14 Jan '15, 19:04) nadimayaz3★
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