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[closed] BUY1GET1 - wrong answer

I am getting right answer for given test cases on my system, but after submission I always get wrong answer(BUY1GET1 Problem). I didn't figure out what is the problem. Plz help.

asked 05 Feb '13, 23:42

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closed 06 Feb '13, 02:06

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3★betlista ♦♦


please wait for the contest to be over first... :)

(05 Feb '13, 23:43) cptcharisma3★

there must be a small bug in your program that you are overlooking.. try reading it line line again n figure out the bug...;) that will help

(06 Feb '13, 17:49) amitupadhyay2★ please help me . Unable to resolve the runtime eror

(06 Feb '13, 19:19) rishantagarwal2★

no-one helps you until the end of contest, read more here - , this is a contest, you have to figure it out yourself

(06 Feb '13, 19:21) betlista ♦♦3★

@rishantagarwal i'm also faci'n the same problem ... :( Which language did you use .. coz i am using Python ..

(06 Feb '13, 22:31) pikkupr2★
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The question has been closed for the following reason "You cannot ask such questions during the live contest - read more here:" by betlista 06 Feb '13, 02:06

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