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Mark solved problems


It would be great when I'm logged in I can see which problems I solved, for example these problems can be striked throught (tag).

It is not so important for short contests (but it would be fine here too), it is more important for long contests.

asked 07 May '12, 16:15

betlista's gravatar image

3★betlista ♦♦
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edited 29 May '12, 16:35

anup's gravatar image

2★anup ♦♦

i agree with you. it would be a nice feature. :)

(08 May '12, 00:31) cyberax ♦3★

@betlista: is your link still working.....

(16 Apr '13, 05:47) devanshug4★

You can use this userscript to serve the purpose until codechef puts in the feature. This works for me in both firefox and chrome.

There is another userscript available which I haven't tried.


answered 08 May '12, 19:01

gultus's gravatar image

4★gultus ♦
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edited 08 May '12, 19:06

Nice, I tried the first link and works fine (I'm using Chrome 18). Thanks ;-)

(08 May '12, 19:40) betlista ♦♦3★

great ! thank you very much.

(09 May '12, 01:19) cyberax ♦3★

Thanks, it's great :)

(11 May '12, 15:53) vladamg984★

its really awesome :) i tried the first one, with chrome , its great :)

(12 May '12, 15:17) thecodegame4★

thanks.. it works.. :)

(07 Jun '12, 12:27) shashank_jain2★

thanks a lot...very useful :)

(28 Jun '12, 21:05) cipher0074★
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Hi coders,

I found, that this extension (the first one, second one wasn't working at all) is not working well, when the contest is over, so I created my own and description is on CodeForces.

edit: new version 1.1 is available

edit (7.6.2012): new version 1.1.1 is available

Update (14.6.2012 12:40): actually there were some changes on CodeChef page (submission filter) that made extension not working well, I have prepared update, but I'm behind the proxy now and I'm not able to upload new version for download, please be patient ;-)

edit (19.6.2012 11:35): new version 1.2 (working with new page code) is available for download, link on CodeForces ;-)


answered 20 May '12, 16:42

betlista's gravatar image

3★betlista ♦♦
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edited 19 Jun '12, 15:06


this was my first time when I try to use greasemonkey scripts.. so I'm totally newbie in this field.. This works well with chrome, but I don't know this can works with firefox too? I've installed the greasemonkey addon but I couldn't manage to add your scripts.. I don't know it can solvable but I think it would be even better if in the long contest the optimalization problem get e.g a different colour tick depends your position :) But anyway very nice job, thank you..

(14 Dec '12, 04:35) iscsi6★

this script can't be added in google chrome 6.0.4 64 debian.. can u tell me a way ???


answered 10 Aug '12, 14:38

shashank_jain's gravatar image

accept rate: 10%

Actual version of Google Chrome (for Windows) is 21.0, I didn't test it in so old version for sure, but according to this page user scripts are supported from version 4, so I have no idea :-(

Additional question, are you talking about my user script or those in gultus answer?

(10 Aug '12, 14:50) betlista ♦♦3★
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