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Why in TRIQUERY there were no successful subbmission in C?

Can any one tell me why there were no successful submissions in C in TRIQUERY,ROOM CORNER and other problems in february long contest...Is it something related to any disadvantage of C..??? please tell

asked 11 Feb '13, 15:17

amitupadhyay's gravatar image

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There is no disadvantage of C. Except of course if you require STL containers in solution.

TRIQUERY, ROC etc. had low submissions, so you can't comment about language's advantage/disadvantage. Interestingly tester's solution for both TRIQUERY and ROC is in C :)


answered 11 Feb '13, 15:36

vinayak%20garg's gravatar image

4★vinayak garg
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Then this about features... which we can code in c too but require some effort ryt??

(11 Feb '13, 15:41) amitupadhyay2★
(11 Feb '13, 15:43) vinayak garg4★

@vinayak garg thanks :)

(11 Feb '13, 15:46) amitupadhyay2★
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