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which book or books should i refer for programming,coding/decoding?

which book or books should i refer for coding and decoding? i need a book which has vast coding and programming questions .I am currently in first year btech cse and i have some basic idea of c++ programming language but i am not able to solve the problems on codechef how to solve real life problems through programming?. Please suggest some books through which i can solve real life problems through programming.

thanks vidhit chandra

asked 05 Mar '15, 23:34

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Since, you are in first year, its important to first get familiar with all the basics. You may like going through the books by Yashwant Kanetkar(Let us C or Let us C++), or by Dennis Ritche and Kernighen(popularly called K&R), both are good in their own terms. Simultaneously try out the practice problems here, ask problems on forums (after searching the related and past forums for the similar doubts). Once you get over with these, go for advanced, for that yu can try (this should be done for the basics also), Algorithms by Cormen, book by Schaum series. All are good. While doing these, you'll insight of what practical aspects all the data structures and concepts have. For an ex:, the very first thing i found while learning stacks is the browser's back button (it's implemented using stack). I was highly impressed by knowing the real-life application of what I am learning. Try problems here and on other judges too. You'll learn slowly!!

Also, for other references, search past forums on codechef related to the same idea.


answered 06 Mar '15, 00:51

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