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getting SIGSEGV error.

why i am getting SIGSEGV error for problem

here is my solution

asked 10 Mar '15, 18:23

rishu97kr's gravatar image

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SIGSEGV error means that you are trying to access invalid memory reference like array element out of bound. In your solution, suppose a test case like this




Here the length of the string is 1. And you are trying to access s[1]. This is the cause of SIGSEGV. Check here.

Hope this clears your doubt.

Happy Coding !!!!


answered 11 Mar '15, 11:13

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edited 11 Mar '15, 11:15

i have corrected fault at all the places i could find, still giving same error. AND why this code is running fine in my code blocks compiler but giving runtime error at ideone???

(12 Mar '15, 18:03) rishu97kr2★

I think there is a problem in your input function because when I used cin , I got AC.

PS: I also got AC when I used fast i/o which I generally used.

(12 Mar '15, 22:25) shivam2174★
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