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Create a Java program that will compute for the subject grade of a student based on the specification stated below

String [ ][ ] student= {{“Francis M. Reyes”,”92”,”89”,”93”,”94”},{“Joseph E. Estrada”,”80”,”70”,”81”,”78”},{“Ferdinand E. Marcos”,”77”,”93”,”83”,”90”},{“Cory C. Aquino”,”78”,”73”,”70”,”70”},{“Emilio A. Aguinaldo”,”78”,”86”,”78”,”80”},{“Ramon M. Magsaysay”,”91”,”81”,’’78”,”80”},{“Gloria M.Arroyo”,”84”,”74”,’’94”,”88”}};

Given the String array student having the initialization shown on the table above get the following:

GWA-General Weighted Average

Name of the student who obtained the highest GWA

Name of the student who obtained the lowest GWA

GWA=Prelim Grade 20% + Midterm Grade 20 % + Pre-final Grade 20% + Final Grade 40%

Name of the student who obtained the highest Prelim Grade

Name of the student who obtained the highest Midterm Grade

Name of the student who obtained the highest Pre-final Grade

Name of the student who obtained the highest Final Grade

Names of passing students (GWA>=75)

Names of failing students (GWA<75)


Francis M. Reyes GWA: 92.4

Joseph E. Estrada GWA: 77.4

Ferdinand E. Marcos GWA: 86.6

Cory C. Aquino GWA: 72.2

Emilio A. Aguinaldo GWA: 80.4

Ramon M. Magsaysay GWA: 82

Gloria M. Arroyo GWA: 85.6

Student with highest GWA: Francis M. Reyes

Student with Lowest GWA: Cory C. Aquino

Student with Highest Prelim Grade: Francis M. Reyes

Student with Highest Midterm Grade: Ferdinand E. Marcos

Student with Highest Pre-final Grade: Gloria M. Arroyo

Student with Highest Final Grade: Francis M. Reyes

List of Passing Students:

Francis M. Reyes

Joseph E. Estrada

Ferdinand E. Marcos

Emilio A. Aguinaldo

Ramon M. Magsaysay

Gloria M. Arroyo

List of Failing Students:

Cory C. Aquino

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GWA = General Waited Average? you mean the average that is waiting for someone, generally? ROFL! General Weighted Average, it should be.


answered 17 Feb '13, 15:05

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yeah im sorry.. it should be like that

(17 Feb '13, 18:41) etcheng040★

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