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runtime error in codeblocks and ideone

i have experienced many times that a certain program runs well in code blocks but give runtime error in ideone. Is it due to some optimizations by the compiler?? How to turn them off?

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asked 28 Mar '15, 13:17

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are you asking about turning off the optimizations of code blocks or ideone ?

(28 Mar '15, 13:34) arun_as1★

Give situations (elaboration with code) where this is happening.
Maybe you are supplying optimization flags to your local compiler used by code::blocks.

(28 Mar '15, 14:06) mediocoder3★

what i meant was that the code::blocks compiler is not showing runtime error but ideone is showing so for the same test cases.

see this question which was answered by @mediocoder

(for eg:- if you don't terminate a string with '\0' and print it then it will show run time error in ideone but will perfectly work in code::blocks as it was the case in above link)

(28 Mar '15, 21:39) rishu97kr2★

similar problem with this code also

include <iostream>

include <stdlib.h>

using namespace std; int calculate(int year); int leap(int y); int main() {int i,j,num,year,arr[100]; cin>>num;

for (i=1;i<=num;i++){ cin>>arr[i]; } for (j=1;j<=num;j++){ calculate(arr[j]);


} int calculate(int year) {int no;

no=year-2001; no=abs(no); no=no+leap(year);

if(no%7==0){cout<<"Monday\n";} else if(no%7==1){cout<<"tuesday\n";} else if(no%7==2){cout<<"wednesday\n";} else if(no%7==3){cout<<"thursday\n";} else if(no%7==4){cout<<"friday\n";} else if(no%7==5){cout<<"saturday\n";} else if(no%7==6){cout<<"sunday\n";} } int leap(int y){ int error=0; if(y>2001){ for(int i=y;i>2001;i--){ if(i%4==0){ if(i%100==0){ if(i%400==0){error++;} else {break;} }

             else if(i%100!=0){error++;}

else if(y<2001){
    for(int i=y;i<2001;i++){
                    if(i%100==0){ if(i%400==0){error++;}  }

             else if(i%100!=0){error++;}


else if (y=2001){error++;} return error-1; }


answered 18 Sep '15, 22:34

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