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Author: Amrutansu Garanaik , Abhishek Patnaik
Tester: Keshow Sablaka, Amit Das
Editorialist: Amrutansu Garanaik , Amit Kumar Sahu

Difficulty :



Graph theory

Problem :

Given a set of cities and bi-directional roads connecting them. Is it possible to travel through all roads exactly once and come back to the starting point?


The problem asks whether there exists an Eulerian circuit in a graph or not. If so, it is possible to traverse all the edges exactly once and come back to starting node. A graph has a Eulerarian circuit if each vertices have even degrees. So, we just have to store the degrees of each node (here the cities) and count whether there is a node with odd degree. If so, print “NO” , otherwise “YES”. Check setter solution for implementation. N.B. The test cases were a bit weak, so some wrong answers also passed the test cases. We are sorry for that. But if your answer gave WA, then it means your answer is definitely wrong. For AC however, it might or might not be wrong.
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asked 03 Apr '15, 20:41

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edited 04 Apr '15, 13:00

@dragonemperor For euler circuit to exist . The graph should be connected right .? But I got AC by just checking the even degree of every node


answered 04 Apr '15, 16:52

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Yes, you are right. For our test cases, we created some graphs using pen and paper and used them to create the test files. Unfortunately all the graphs were connected. Also some wrong answers were accepted because of that.

(06 Apr '15, 00:28) dragonemperor3★
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