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If I solve a question in long challenge will Google hire me ???

Will it really hire me ?

asked 09 Apr '15, 23:13

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If you could get into Google by solving one question from one long challenge, then almost any programmer could get into Google -_-
But a good start like that can certainly motivate you to put in some work and then be worthy of Google :)


answered 09 Apr '15, 23:45

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edited 10 Apr '15, 00:00

Not necessarily.

Solving a question in the long contest does not mean you will be recruited by Google, or any other Company. There are many users who can solve problems here. So , don't get your hopes up.

But, if you compete in contests and are able to get a high score, then you might win cash prices.

And, by solving a lot of questions here, you can get better at programming, so, then, if you want to get a good job, then go for an interview or so, and if you are good enough, you can get selected.


answered 09 Apr '15, 23:43

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edited 10 Apr '15, 00:05

Doing well in programming contests gives you a lot of interview opportunities, and also increases your chances for passing those interviews. However, it does not seems to be easiest/fastest way to get that job - you need to work hard and spend a lot of time to be good in contests, and by spending same time on focused preparation for interviews, on improving as a programmer (one who works on real projects, not a competitive one), you may reach much better results. So those job opportunities look like side effect of competitive programming.


answered 10 Apr '15, 23:47

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